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Gita Recitation Competitions

Online registrations for 2024 Gita Recitation Competitions is closed. More details

Please email egmoresamskrtschool@gmail for any questions regarding registration.

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Online Gita Recitation Classes

Registration for online Gita Recitation classes is closed.

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Gita Parayanam

Recitation of the entire Bhagavad Gita is conducted on five occasions in a year – on 30th January, 31st March, 15th August, 2nd October and on Vaikunta Ekadasi Day. Anybody can participate in these recitals.

For details please contact ESS at egmoresamskrtschool@gmail.com.

Surabharati Samiti

It was 1952. Four years had passed since the inception of the Egmore Samskrt School. It had been achieving with commendable success its two objectives: propagation of Samskrt language and literature and popularization of Gita recitation and Gita studies More details